We have got an excellent team and most advanced tools to coordinate all the MEP Services among each other and also with the building model, which is widely used among contractors, engineers and architects.

With our experienced BIM Coordinators we can provide the best MEP BIM Coordination services considering material savings and other stand-alone factors which makes the coordination a difficult task. Our mission is to minimize the Cost and time in-occurred during the Construction Phase. With our advanced coordination techniques we make your construction process easy.

Our clients have the following advantages:

  1. We make sure there are no clashes in between the MEP services and also with the Building and Structure Models
  2. Prevents site-based delays and disputes as all services have already been proven to work within the building
  3. Detailed sections and views are produced easily, which in turn helps for the smooth flow of work
  4. We provides a detailed Coordination Summary including the possible solutions after the Clash Detection process is completed
  5. Coordination process are completed through collaboration with the Architects, Engineers and all the Contractors involved in the Project