With our qualified professionals we offer a wide range of Electrical BIM Services. We model the Electrical Equipment, Conduits, Cable Trays, Lighting Fixtures, Communication & Data Transmission devices, Network Routing and Fire Alarm Systems etc. The Coordination Model will be free from clashes with the other members like HVAC & Plumbing Systems, Architectural, Structural members etc. With our fully-fledged BIM Model, we can easily produce the required construction documents like Lighting & Power Wiring Layout, Panel Schedules and Material Lists.

We provide the following Electrical BIM Services:

  1. Electrical Lighting Fixtures Modelling
  2. Preparation of Lighting & Power Circuit Drawings
  3. BOQ of Electrical Equipment
  4. Schedules of Circuits and Panel Boards
  5. Modelling of Fire Alarm Systems
  6. Modelling of Power, Data & Communication Systems
  7. Modelling of Cable Trays and Conduits as per the given layout
  8. Walk-through of Electrical BIM Model
  9. Electrical Room Modelling

Benefits of BIM for Electrical Services

Using BIM through design to construction process has huge advantages both to client, consultants & contractors. It has also given way for the implementation of prefabrication process opportunities for electrical contractors. Implementing BIM can improve the safety practices in site which avoids risk and any potential site accidents which may come up during construction.

  • Improved field coordination for electrical services like major conduits, bus bars and cable trays
  • Improved communication and productivity
  • Quality control and an organized timeline of construction
  • Reduces the inaccuracy in electrical installations
  • Better visualization for L.V Rooms, Electrical room, Substation room and Generator room
  • Better control of materials and reduce waste
  • Reducing the cost on future renovations and the overall construction cost (about 1% of total construction cost)
  • Improved control for the facility management team (i.e. submittals, material specifications, etc.)
  • Better cost and quantity estimation
  • Assist in pre-fabrication process (eg: transformer bases, floor sleeves, manholes, large cable runs, supports, etc.)
  • Assist is Safety Planning (location for temporary lighting and power services in site)