The Construction Documents translates the designs developed into the technical language for construction. The Blueprints or Working Drawings defines the accurate location and materials to be used in the building.

Any changes or inaccurate information during the construction phase may results in delays and add-up extra cost. So, any changes to be made are to be done during the early design stages. A construction document must provide all the necessary information for the contractor to build from the design.

With our fully developed BIM model we are able to extract Construction Drawings out of it. Our construction documents consist of every data in detail, which required to make a comprehensive estimate and also helps out in each step in the construction process.Our Construction Documents are based on international construction codes and standards, also our mission include the reduction of cost and material during the design-development stage.

We also provide Building Services Documentation services which includes Duct Fabrication drawings, Plumbing Spool drawings, Electrical Lighting Layout Drawings etc. We can further assist you in the Construction Phase by providing a BIM Coordinator for your on-site coordination and assistance.

Why BIMEX Construction Documentation Services?

  •  Quality Output
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Aware of International Drafting Codes & Standards