BIMEX provides cost-effective and quality clash detection services for our customers. With our clash detection experts, we reduce the amount of change orders during construction through our risk free model inspection while initiating clash checks.

We provide a Coordination Summary reports or CSR based after performing clash tests.  We use Autodesk Navisworks platform for clash tests. The Coordination Summary involves the all the Clashes incurred, Exact location of the Clash and a possible Solution for the clash. With the generated reports, our coordinators work closely with architects, structural engineers and contractors for clash resolutions.


  1. Determine all the possible clashes in the project
  2. Identifies time-based clashes based on 4D Simulation
  3. Suggest remedial solution for each clash
  4. Detailed Coordination Summary Report after running clash detection.


“Constructability is a project management technique to review construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction phase”


  • It is used to identify the obstacles, collisions which may happen in the construction phase. It helps to reduce the over-cost, reduce errors & collisions & time consumed during the construction process.
  • To prevent conflicts among construction documents, between drawings and between drawings and specifications
  • It helps to save time by reducing the number of RFI’s, thereby minimizing the delays
  • It helps to obtain high quality construction documents with minimum disputes
  • It effectively helps to understand the project goals, thereby helping for a smoother construction process