We are able to meet the expectations for the 3D BIM modelling Services requirements for various firms ranging from developers, general contractors , interior designers to small scale architectural consultants.

We help firms to implement Building Information Modelling into there design & construction requirements. BIM enables architects to digitally visualize their design before being constructed on-site. This brings the flexibility for the clients/ developers to make changes or improve/ change the design prior to been constructed on site. Implementation of BIM improves trade coordination, reduce errors & wastage and enhance better communication between the stakeholders in a project.


With the implementation of BIM we can virtually model a building before the final design decisions are been locked. This provides the an opportunity for the architects and engineers to identify any potential spots during the earlier stages of design. So, a virtual prototype of a building can provide great time-savings in the design process rather than using the traditional methods of design. Also, the client or the developer will be benefited with a better visualization of the design before being constructed.

  • Provides more efficient and enhanced design collaboration
  • Identifies potential spots during the early stages of design
  • Reduces conflicts and change order during construction
  • Reduces errors and re-works during construction
  • Improves cost control and material management






Our Services

  1. 3D Visualization & Rendering.
  2. Architectural coordination models for contractors & sub contractors.
  3. Quantity take-off from Architectural BIM Models.
  4. Architectural Shop drawings Preparation.
  5. Modelling Architectural object libraries/ families.
  6. Facade Modelling & Detailing.
  7. Conversion of 2D CAD/ PDF drawings to 3D BIM Models (Using Autodesk Revit platform)
  8. Precast Modelling & Detailing.
  9. Walk-through & Presentation Models.
  10. Point Cloud to BIM.
  11. Architectural Design Services.